Thursday, December 13, 2018


I believe in a whole lot of the good in people and that time heals...I believe my daughter can do/be anything her heart desires... I believe in love at first sight...I believe there is no right or wrong in art...I believe my dog understands me LOL the list goes on and on but when I saw the new challenge over at more than words My first thought was I believe in the magic of Christmas! Its not about gifts its about the feeling I matter how down and gloomy I am the lights and smells..the smiles the Christmas carols always bring a smile to my face... my husband tells me I am worse than any kid he's ever met at Christmas time...if we go out at night my face is plastered to the window looking for lights (I even make him pull over for those special houses lol)

I wanted to document our first Christmas in our new home December makes it 6 months in the new house and I can not tell you the changes this move has made for us, a lot of them were very eye-opening and very much needed! We are both happier and more in sync with each other...anyway this is our little tree...It's small but very cute...on the plus side, the cat hasn't tried to knock it down yet LOL Make sure you stop over at More than words blog and play along!

 thank you for coming to take a peek...I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. It's a beauty!! Thank you so much for playing along with More Than Words

  2. What beautiful words and such a fabulous page. So glad the new house is working out for you. Thanks for joining us at More Than Words.

  3. Such an inspiring page and story behind the page! I love it! Thank you for playing along with us at More Than Words and Happy 2019!!!


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