Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring inspiration

Hop into Spring Bloghop is live at SEM. Please head over to Scrapping Everyday Miracles for all the fun and prizes!!!!!That isnt all the fun we have for this weekend!!!! They have a CHALLENGE for their Chit Chat Group!!!! They would like you to create a project inspired by Spring or Easter that includes flowers on it! also Frosted Designs has a challenge (Make a card, layout or off the page project with scallops on it )

I really couldn't get into any of the holidays  they seem to be a bit difficult for me and my family, I even went so far as not to go into any stores except the grocery store after a small mishap....I was actually getting stuff for Stephanie's Easter basket,when it was brought to my attention what I was doing I had to leave....that lead to a couple of very hard days.It's really hard to believe that I will never see her beautiful smile or listen to her little sarcastic comments...I miss her everyday!
So I decided to make something special for myself....I made a cute little mini with all the colors inspired by spring. (sorry I took lots of pictures so bare with me)

 I had all of these little girl/baby embellishments and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with I made a baby book....I took all those off center odd pictures and used them to make something very special!

Look Scallops and flowers....

Stephanie with her big Sister Sam

one of my all time fav's but the picture was taken too far away

she was all smiles

such a cuddle bug

she looks a bit shocked LOL

Thank you for taking the time to come and look at my project!

Life is a Circus!

Bonus challenge over at S.w.a.t. is to Create a circus themed card...hmmm not a easy task.. Of course the first thing I think of when you say circus is the big tent, after taking a look at all the design teams cards btw they are truly amazing.....But I decided to do something different....hmmm I went for the next best thing clowns! Now mind you I am NO card maker but I really wanted to give this a try...

Here is what I came up with...

Life is a circus!
the clowns move up and down....

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Forgotten photo with great memories

I was so excited I found this great picture of My Great Grandmother(little grandma we called her) and Papa and my Grandma Honey (which of course we called her big grandma) with my oldest Sam....this was taken at Sam's Christening  In February 1993....geez that seems like a life time ago....I didn't think I had any pictures of my Great grandmother or papa and I was so thrilled! So I had the picture now I just had to figure out what to do with it LOL of course that's where sketches always come in handy.....I got my sketch from Get creative it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.....I worked on this a lot yesterday and just kept thinking it was missing something....Then I saw the post for Scrap your Story  and thought this was perfect!

Here what I came up with....

I had just about everything placed but like I said something was missing....that was the bits of cork....I just happen to have an old cork board that was falling apart and I was just gonna throw the remnants away...haha I think they look awesome here

 just bits of cork and of course I have become obsessed with burlap and the bits of stings......
 Just some fussy bits and I plan on writing some more journaling on that bit of lined paper under the flower....there is already some on the tag
I was kind of proud of my little flower.....the button was some left over bits my Daughter had from one of her costumes she made( I've been trying to steal them from her for weeks) but once I got my grubby hands on it I wasn't sure what to do with it ....the flower was the perfect solution! Now she wants me to make her one LOL

Thank you so much for coming to take a all of those who celebrate Easter....Happy Easter....for those who don't have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Clean and Simple

I was so upset when I was looking through the blogs I follow...I had done a layout on the 25th and meant to link it with Lasting Memories for their clean and simple challenge but I forgot and since I like to follow the rules I didn't link back...but if you'd like to take a look that post is here anyway I decided to do a whole new layout for their challenge and here it is! Oh before I forget Lasting memories is having a DT Call also....I would so love to enter for that but I feel I am just not good enough just I think I will wait until next time!

thank you so much for coming to take a peek!

a time to remember

I thought I would share a page I did for skissedilla's challenge....I used a picture from the last trip we took with my daughter Stephanie,not knowing it would be our last. We travel every year from Wisconsin to Maine to visit family and friends every year...we tend to take our time...for one because I am deathly afraid,I was in a sever accident years ago and this is still the side effects .....and two we like to stop at weird places LOL so there is no rush....most of the time I would forget to take pictures just because we were having so much fun or I was asleep (that's just how you want me in a car fast asleep) anyway on this trip we managed to get quite a few pictures some I've already scrapped but this one was one of my favorites...the sun was setting and the colors were awesome....too bad we were in the car moving at the time!

 I have all these cards that I received a few months bad and I can't seem to bring myself to just throw them away,so I thought that is I used them for Stephanie's Memorial album I could keep them and they would still have meaning,does that even make any sense? anyway I fussy cut the flowers from one of the cards and the small saying( I'm thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful heart) from the same card....I'm not sure if I really should of used them for this layout but I really like the final product....

here is sketch # 203 from Skissedilla

 as an after thought I should have made a couple more flowers LOL I was kind of surprised at how nice these ones turned out!

I added a bit of green glitter to the fussy cut flowers.......

Thank you for coming to take a peek!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

C'est Magnifique March Challenge

I thought I would give the sketch over at  C'est Magnifique a try....It was just so pretty and I'm not sure I did it justice but I really like how this page ended up!
So here is my take on an awesome sketch

Here is the sketch

 I did a bit of hand stitching so I could hang the birdcage..
 I fussy cut the birdcage...added a bit of glitter

I had these really pretty rub-ons and thought it was perfect for this one!

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Great Escape

Good day all....I have a layout I'd like to share.....I used the sketch from Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge......the picture is another one of Samantha in Florida relaxing after a very long day at Disney!

 I used plenty of layers and just a bit of texture paste....
thanks for coming to take a peek!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Girlie Girl

When Samantha was little she was a real girlie girl,I blame it on her grandmother LOL she had all boys so both my girls were spoiled in so many ways and since Sam was the first girl and grand child that just made it all the better for her! I swear for the first two years of her life I never bought one single outfit and she never wore the same one twice....anyway back to being spoiled these pictures are from a special trip to Florida (Disney) with her grandparents....It was a gift for her for becoming a big sister/birthday present(I swear they didn't do stuff like that often) was also the first time she ever went fishing and I think the last LOL

I used this weeks sketch from Lets get Sketchy

here is the sketch

I fussy cut the butterflies from the background paper ( since they were gonna be covered up anyway by the white) I also added some glitter to them...

thank you for coming to take a peek!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Daughter

On to the embarrassing know the ones I'm talking about.....Bath I have to laugh because when I was done with this layout I showed my daughter at first she laughed because she thought it was her sister...until she took a closer look at the picture then she was all you can't use that one haha

anyway this is my oldest so this picture is from about 19 years ago! I used the sketch from Chic tags for their Sunday challenge! I am also linking up with Paper Issues....

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

another beautiful view

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....mine was quiet,which is always a plus in my house! I decided to keep busy and did a couple layouts,read a couple tutorials basically bounced from blog to blog looking for some sort of inspiration....I had a wonderful sketch from Keeping the best but I wasn't sure what i wanted to do with it.....I've never used texture paste before so this is my first attempt....I didn't have a stencil but I did have a piece my daughter cut out (template she used for some project) its heavy weight paper so I thought I could use that... here is what I came up with....

Picture is from the white mountains in North Conway N.H.

here is the sketch # 56

 this is how my textured pasted worked out, I also misted it....
I love these lace bits my daughter Samantha gave them to me,they were left overs of one of her projects...haha I get all the left overs!

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just Perfect

I found the perfect picture to use for the page I wanted to make for Challenge Me Happy, they had an inspiration picture that I will share with you in a minute! I loved the colors.....I found a picture from our Florida trip a couple years ago....the sunset was beautiful.....

Here is what I came up with....

here is the inspiration picture from challenge #42

thank you so much for coming to take a peek! Have a wonderful weekend!

Celebrate Sweet Memories

My sweet earth's challenge this month is Celebrate and a color I was digging thru a box of old pictures and I came across a bunch from my daughters Birthday many many years ago....this is Stephanie all tuckered out after partying all day! I love this picture and I found a couple others from this day that I will be using real soon.....I used a sketch from Lets capture our memories and I am also linking up with Scrap your story their challenge was to use some sort of embossing( I dry embossed the hearts beside the picture)

Here is what I came up with....

here is the sketch and color palette ...

thank you so much for coming to take a peek! Have a wonderful weekend!

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