Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Chipboard Giveaway!

Over at Design Honey she has a wonderful Giveaway going on,you could win some beautiful chipboard!

here is what she had to say:
Favorite Chipboard Giveaway! Check out our website store at, and let me know what your favorite designs are. Follow my blog and comment on this post (here) by Sunday, January 6th.  I will  randomly draw one winner on January 7th. One lucky winner will get a prize of some of my favorite chipboard designs

Make sure you head over to  Design Honey!

Memories of you

Hi All, I was out reading all the newly updated blog and I stumbles upon Heather Jacobs blog Art and Life she had just updates with the most beautiful layouts for CSI (Color... Stories...inspiration..) It looked interesting so I had to go check it out! then I decided to join in the fun.....they have a whole color scheme and elements that you have to use...Oh this is right up my I also Linked up with Paper issues as a just because project.

this is case #52
the colors are excellent.....I left and kept reading blogs while I thought about what I wanted to do and what I had available... then Lets Get Sketchy came out with their challenge...challenge this week is called "Not So Picture Perfect" I thought this is perfect since most of my pictures are pretty bad...well most were taken with a phone or while Stephanie was out with this was perfect...I would do both of the challenges!

Here is what I came up with after hours of messing around....remember I'm still new at this but any comments or suggestions are welcome! I used this picture because its one of my favorites because of her beautiful smile...its a bit fuzzy and a lil blurry But I love it!

One of the requirement was to Document a gift (literal or figurative). well as I looked around my house I have so many little gifts that have been given to me over the years by my girls....But since this page is going into Stephanie's Memory album I figured I would just go with the little things shes given me...Now mind you these things are with in sight and some are the last things she ever gave me....#1 is the gingerbread man she made me in 2008 It actually is hanging in my front window,I don't think he's ever been put away! #2 the book that she said I just had to read and the bookmark to go with it...she gave me that for my birthday this past summer. #3 is a Fairy resin container which I love,it sits right on my desk But the best gift she has ever given me was her LOVE.....I have all of these small reminders of how generous and thoughtful and loving she was!
 some cute little tags that Karen over at CSI made up just for this case Michele Singh
 Love my hideaway tags...this one is kind of personal so I left it tucked in..

this little tag explains the gifts...this one was really hard because there were so many memories and I miss her very much...Its been so hard ...first it was her Birthday she would have been 14 ,then there was Thanksgiving and Christmas...It's only been 3 months but it feels like a lifetime I thought I was dealing well with everything but today has been very trying...But also very therapeutic and that was the whole point!

So Like I said in the beginning this is going up over at CSI and Lets Get Sketchy! 
and Paper issues

Thanks for taking a peek!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Friends

These have to be one of my all time favorite photo's even though they aren't the best quality and to tell you the truth I took them off of a video that the kids had made me this past summer! Alex and My Stephanie met when they were both 2 years old and have been best friends ever since...they loved to tease each other and play these pictures he is actually making fun of Stef because they were making a video for me...he said Hi Stef automatically said Hi Buffy hahaha he turns to look at her and say shouldn't you be saying Hi Mom? It was so funny!
I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers #240 I was trying to figure out what to use instead of circles (because I really suck at cutting circles)

so I was gonna use flowers.....then I decided to just took into my scraps bin and see what I had.... turns out I have lots of scraps LOL
So this is what I did...I really didn't change anything but liked the way it turned out.

 I love the small circles but the bigger ones not so much LOL they do look cool from the side though!

thanks for taking a Peek! any comment or suggestion are welcome!


Love this picture of Ginny's other furry baby,her name is baby girl ...she really wants to play!
I used a sketch from Sketches in Thyme with a few minor changes...

and here is what I did.....

thanks for taking a peek!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

GIVEAWAY over at One Scarp at a Time

 GIVEAWAY over at One Scarp at a Time (open internationally)
I am so thrilled to be part of the Imaginisce Design team for 2013, so I thought it fitting I giveaway some of my favorite tools. Included in this pile is a petal roller and some precut flowers, an i-Rock with lots of crystals and metal gems, some more flowers and a mask for creating swirls with the gems, a tray for sorting through the gems, and a lighted tweezers.

 Here is what you need to do to win...
1. Be a follower of my blog so you can see if you won or not.
2. Leave me a comment telling me which of these projects you like the best.

For a bonus entry, repost my giveaway on your blog or facebook page and leave me another comment with a link to your post.

You have until 12:00am (Central time) on Jan 5th to enter. I will draw a winner on Jan 5th and post it on my blog. Good luck!
head on over to One Scarp at a Time

You make me happy

Good Morning or afternoon Oh it might even be night time I started this yesterday but I just wasn't happy with it just yet so I left it until morning,not that I sleep much but I just put this one aside until I could figure out what I didn't like..turns out it was the flowers I had picked/made they just didn't look right so I switched them to the ones in the layout now and I like them much better...

I used a sketch from ScrapMuch?

and here is what I did with it...

 Of course I used another picture of Wicked the pug,I'm putting all her pages together for a album for my best friend featuring her favorite things except her husband I have no nice pictures of so her garden,kids and furry kids will have to do!
 I love love my bone folding tool I got for Christmas and my embossing tool too I used my paper cutter line to create the lines in the flag banners..hehe love how it just pops out..I know most people who scrapbook know all this stuff already but I'm still learning and don't have all the neat tools and such so I have to make due with what I have and learn what I can from others...which by the way I love all the tutorials out there and youtube has been my favorite!
 here are the flowers I decided to use the paper one I made but the others are altered these little ones were the centers to the one below but I didn't like the look for this page so I turned them into lil flowers and added the gem in the middle.

thanks for taking a Peek....all comments or suggestion are welcome :o)

Friday, December 28, 2012


This has got to be one of the cutest dogs I've ever know,Shes my best friend Ginny's Pug...Her name is wicked but her mom calls her wicked sausage because shes so chunky! I wish I could of found the picture of when Ginny first brought her home...she was so small she fit in your pocket and wore the cutest little shes just so pudgy! Here she is riding in the car with her human

I used the sketch from My Scraps & more Sketches

and here is what I came up with!

 I kept it pretty simple
Thanks for coming and having a peek!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cherish the day

Hi All......I finally found some pictures from way back when me and a friend took all five kids to the amusement park. they are from August 2002,I remember it like it was yesterday...Stephanie wouldn't even go near the goat in the petting zoo....and this these were the first rides she had ever been on! This is one of my best memories!

I used a sketch from Scrapmuch.....

and here is what I did with it.....

 as the background I used the the Bo Bunny chipboard swirly (you know after you pop it out...I used it like a stencil) with some shimmer mist paint stuff lol my own mix
 I found these cute little flowers ....they are wood I think...they were in the jewelery section and Bright bright yellow so I painted them a metallic lite blue so they would shimmer a bit...then added these wonderful buttons my daughter got me for Christmas then added a piece of bling!
thanks for taking a peek...all comments are welcome!


I love flowers and since there is too much snow I decided to scrap some really pretty flowers from last spring/summer...
I used a sketch from Scrapmuch

and here is what I came up with!
I really like how the flowers came out for this layout I used Bo bunny gems for the center...

and I used my Christmas present liquid pearls around the edge....

Thanks for taking a peek!

The boys

These are my best friends boys....I had the girls and she had the boys..the kids basically grew up together...I did this layout for scrapfit...thought it would be fun and it turns out I was right LOL

here's their sketch:
and here is what I did with it!

 10 years sure changes things ........then again some things stay the same.....they are still the best kids I've ever met!

thanks for taking a peek! :o)

Chace to Win!

Head on over to Lou Collins blog to comment and be in with a chance of winning all this over the new year!
Plus she has some awesome projects that will inspire you!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A memory of spring

I used pictures my girlfriend in Maine took.....spring of 2011...I have a bunch of them but these two were perfect! I did this layout for the Scarp Africa filmstrip challenge.

 Sorry the first picture is so dark....I had fun making this I used a lot of ink and some acrylic paint...I hand cut out a couple filmstrips them used them like a stencil using black ink first then I used a blueish color....

 I then used green paint mixed with a bit of metallic blue I wanted to add a bit of color.....
Thanks for coming to take a Peek...I appreciate all comments and would love some new follower :o) Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Precious~for Grandma's Album

Hi there.....I was really excited to see the new sketch for the 4th week of December over at lets get sketchy...Its all kinds of
see....told ya....Okay so here's what I did with it....this is for grandma's album so you might have already seen this picture before....

 I'm so very proud of myself this whole layout was made of scraps LOL I am so afraid to throw anything away!I used some of my new bling..haha my fiance went and bought me this huge tub of them all different sizes and colors 1 pound! all I could do was laugh but I was really thrilled!
 I love this little was another find from the thrift store there were 10 for like 30 cents haha it was a no brainer!
thanks for taking a peek.......Hope you have/had a very Merry Christmas!

So Cheesy~for grandma's album

I made this page using the sketch from The Sampler Kit club...
here's their sketch.....

 Here's what I did with it....the small border at the top is a hidden journal tag...if you've read any of my posts you know I wanted to make sure Grandma had plenty of room to write her own memories,so I try to add a big place for that!
 I love these flowers.....

thanks for taking a peek....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Little Brat!

I was in the mood for something happy and that makes me I sifted through my pictures and came across one of Nova my black lab.....I did the challenge at Challenge me Happy (The word we want you to use in your TITLE or very prominent on your page is: LITTLE )

here's what I came up with:

Thanks for taking a peek......

Holiday Cheer for Grandma's album

Hi All.....I was checking out different blogs and came upon a blog for Quick of course I had to be nosy and take a look around then went over to their shop and I have to say they have the cutest die cuts and Vellum to tell the truth I didn't even know what vellum was until two days ago LOL when I received a package from my Ex sister in-law with Christmas presents for Sam....but it also had a surprise for me a huge book.....Oh whats it called...let me look....Pattern Boutique Dena designs ....It has so many beautiful papers lots of floral which really isn't my thing but it will look nice for Sam's Grandma's album...anyway back to the Vellum this book has all sorts of embellishments and a whole page of Vellum flowers and cute words....I really want to get some of those quotes anyway that's how I found out what vellum was.Now back to the quick quotes blog as I was looking around I found a challenge which was to use vellum in a project! and here is what I've come up with.....

 This is for grandma's album so the page is 8x8 and I used the vellum word cheer at the top left corner.
I also added a hidden journal spot so when I giver the album she can write her own memories!

Some of the products used:
Bo Bunny paper powdered mountain
 Bo Bunny powdered mountain Chipboard
Kaisercraft paper turtle dove collection
I can't remember who the little stamps are from but it all came from the same kit LOL

Thanks for coming to take a peek!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Glow bowling

Hi all, I'd like to address something...I received two separate emails....I know people are trying to help and I love getting tips and to learn new tricks But I thought I would say this here....I know some of my pictures,well most of my pictures are poor quality,small or have color issues and I would like nothing more then to have better ones but if you have read anything on my blog you know that most of the pages are of my youngest daughter Stephanie and these are the only pictures we have....there won't be any others....but I really wanted to remember those memories from the pictures I do have! I will keep and use your tips on other projects!thanks....

Okay now that that's out of the way I just did this page of Stephanie out with friends glow bowling....I used the sketch from Scrapping Everyday Miracles for their December challenge...

Here's the sketch:

and here is what I made with it with the twist...I used a circle punch and a flower punch!

 I am also putting this in challenges with frosted designs for their 12 days of 12 you have to use 12 brads and as you can see I have 12 itty bitty brads! this page was done for a mini album so the page is 8x8..

and I'm linking up with Creative craft World for their Mini challenge layout done is....

Thanks for taking a peek :o)
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