Monday, December 31, 2018

New year!

Happy New year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

now onto the new challenge over at Archi-scraps...


Your item should be nearly all black and white.
A coloured photo is ok and on cards just a TINY bit of colour if possible.

I hope you'll be able to join in this months chalelnge at Archi-Scraps!

Thursday, December 13, 2018


I believe in a whole lot of the good in people and that time heals...I believe my daughter can do/be anything her heart desires... I believe in love at first sight...I believe there is no right or wrong in art...I believe my dog understands me LOL the list goes on and on but when I saw the new challenge over at more than words My first thought was I believe in the magic of Christmas! Its not about gifts its about the feeling I matter how down and gloomy I am the lights and smells..the smiles the Christmas carols always bring a smile to my face... my husband tells me I am worse than any kid he's ever met at Christmas time...if we go out at night my face is plastered to the window looking for lights (I even make him pull over for those special houses lol)

I wanted to document our first Christmas in our new home December makes it 6 months in the new house and I can not tell you the changes this move has made for us, a lot of them were very eye-opening and very much needed! We are both happier and more in sync with each other...anyway this is our little tree...It's small but very cute...on the plus side, the cat hasn't tried to knock it down yet LOL Make sure you stop over at More than words blog and play along!

 thank you for coming to take a peek...I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Challenge

This month at Archi-scraps the challenge is anything Christmas! I decided to create a pretty christmascard....I'm not sure about you but I have almost all of mine made that includes the 50 my daughter came by and picked up to send to her friends! 😲

very simple but festive!

 here is the inspiration photo so if you want to join the challenge over at  Archi-scraps
here are a couple other Christmas cards I've made recenly.... I made a wide variety and some custom ones for some very special people!

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Leisure time

Wow, I haven't done a layout or a challenge is ages! We recently moved into our new home so things have been a bit crazy and most of my crafty things are scattered around...little by little they are finding permanent homes  you know how it is you put it in one place but then you sit to craft and all of a sudden that's just not the right spot for it LOL Anyway I saw the October challenge for More than words and I couldn't wait to join in!
for the past couple years the only real leisure time was spent crafting but since the move I take time every day to sit on my new 3 season porch and enjoy my morning coffee (sometimes afternoon coffee and after dinner coffee LOL) I really enjoy being out there and it has a pretty nice view! Right now the leaves are starting to change so it's really beautiful!

 I took this photo from my porch this is my view right now!
 I used lots of inks and some distressed stains to go with my fall theme...there is plenty of splatters....Geez, I have missed making a mess!

thank you so much for coming to take a peek!

Trial and error

I have a new found appreciation for all the card-makers/crafters that take the time to mask even the smallest of images to create Fabulous cards! I have watched thousands of videos on card-making and stamping and am in awe of the creativity and effort each person puts into their cards. that being said I am still new to stamping, I've been making cards for a while now but mostly using my silhouette portrait and maybe a sentiment stamp or maybe even a single stamped image and a sentiment LOL Like I said I've watched other people do it using plain copy paper (tried that but I always end up crumpling up the paper and messing it up) the post-it note idea is really cool but all my post its are too small... I've seen that neat sticky paper for masking but I didn't have any on hand then it dawned on me yesterday when I was trying to make clouds that I have two huge rolls of painters tape hubby bought! (for a project that never got done LOL) so I tried it with the clouds and LOVED the results...that made me brave haha I pulled out a couple simple stamps (polar bear because they didn't need to be colored much) and trees! Talk about mix and match haha I used five different stamps from 3 different companies!
now came the hard part...stamping on tape and fussy cutting the tiny images....

I took my time...which by the way people who do this all the time WOW! I don't know how you have the patience. It's not so bad once you have the masks all cut out then its just a matter of placing them, Oh and make sure you stick it to your shirt before you put it on your card you really don't need it that sticky LOL!
So here is the first one I did.

On this one I learned I needed to wait for the ink to either dry on the masking or wipe it off, you can see some of the green kind of blended in the snowy area on the right and I need to make sure my hands are clean before touching the card! I have a bit of green here and there from where I touched green ink but since I used a bigger piece of paper to start with it was mostly cut off woohoo me! So I was really encouraged by the end I didn't mess it up too bad so I added it to a card base and really liked the end results ( haha this one goes to my Daughter!)

So I slept on it and this morning I wanted to try again...with a bit more knowledge I made this one with no smudging! I tried to space my trees a bit better. I did notice I didn't get the masking just right on the green scarf but I'm okay with it there are no big blobs of it and the bears don't have (much) blank white space around them! I just need to remember for next time to double check the masking placement next time!
All in all, I call this a success!
thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

October Challenge

It's time for a new challenge over at Archi-scraps if you have a few minutes hop on over and check out what the wonderful design team has come up with for this month!

Your challenge this month is based around WINTER.

We would love to see your cards, layouts, tags anything to do with winter
Reminder that Christmas isn't far away so maybe a snowy card.
Make sure you stop by and join in the fun at Archi-scraps!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

under water theme

I thought I'd share a couple cards I made for a challenge in one of my swap groups, it was an underwater theme!
I started with some watercolor backgrounds I made I didn't want them to look the same....

 who doesn't love mermaids.... I cut my tail using my silhouette portrait and colored it using dew drop inks so it shimmers...the sentiment is from Unity stamps and I thought it went perfectly with my theme!
 for my second card, I found these cute little tropical fish. it was a free cut file from Printable cuttable creatable they have some really cute files! I colored them using the dew drop inks also they would shimmer (also the coral).
 the green leafy weedy stuff was all colored with a water brush and some markers...the sentiment is from a stamp set called thanks for the lift by my creative time ( yes I mix and match everything LOL)
 all in all, I am very pleased with how both cards turned out! I hope you like them too!

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Long time

I know I've been sort of ignoring my blog and I'm truly sorry but life has thrown us a bunch of curve balls lately and we're just getting things in order! On the bright side, we bought a new house which I love. It came with a huge overgrown garden out back and a couple flowerbed surrounding the house...have I mentioned I kill plants just by looking at them! So that's been a big hurdle for me I have to say I dislike weeding!
but it had to be done and then we got to sit on the patio now that we could find it lol
Oh and here is a look at the overgrown "garden" out back!
if you look real close you'll see the bunny....there are lots of them around here! Anyway now that we are moved in and things are getting put in order I should be back to blogging regularly :D

thanks to those who have stuck around! I have a couple really cute cards I'll be posting tomorrow!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Play along with Archi-scraps

Here is my take on the new challenge over at Archi-scraps I went with fall colors that kind of reminded me of the picture and of course an is September and the school year is just starting here so I wanted to make a thank you card for a teacher!

 Our September picture is this

The challenge is to use fruit on your item in some way. You could choose paper with fruit or print using fruit or have fruit in your photo. It is up to you. Make sure you hop on over to Archi-scraps  and play along!

Monday, July 30, 2018

August challenge

We have a new challenge over at Archi-Scraps its a mood board or more like a color board!

Your challenge is to use ONLY THE COLOURS IN THIS MOOD BOARD.
(with neutrals such as black, white or Kraft)
Here is my take on the challenge!

Stop by Archi-Scraps and play along with us!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Archi scraps challenge- Lots of color!

The challenge this month at Archiscraps is to use lots of colour.
People who like using wet mediums, here's your chance

- Remember you can submit a scrapbooking layout, card, tag, journal pages, anything with paper basically. here is the inspiration photo
 Come join in the fun over at archi-scraps

Saturday, March 3, 2018

chevronsand blue

so sorry for the late post....I seem to have been hit by the computer gremlins lol they destroyed my mother board :( but I'm very lucky to have a geeky hubby who fixed it in 3 only took that long because he need to wait on the parts....the problem was the hard drive was wiped,I do have a back up but can't access it just yet

Anyway I was lucky to post in the DT group or I wouldn't have any photos for this month!
check out all the design team inspiration at  archi-scrap

Here is your stimulus picture for March and the challenge is use chevrons and the color blue.

make sure you come and join the challenge at  archi-scrap

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lots of bling

Hi ya....I'm back with a new challenge from Archiscraps...its all about the bling lol just kidding the requirements for this challenge is to use lots of rhinestones or bling

here is the card I made for this challenge...I was really excited to use my new dies hubby got me for Christmas...

hope you'll join the challenge Archiscraps

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