Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Forever and Always

As some of you know I was very excited yesterday...I was waiting on the UPS man to deliver a surprise from my new husband (yes we just got married on July 3rd)....he tortured me all weekend and wouldn't tell me what it make matter worse it was suppose to be delivered on Friday but there was an address error...So I did what I do best I pestered him all weekend,but he never broke..haha....Anyway it finally showed up yesterday afternoon....I have no idea what possessed him to buy it but I definitely won't question it....He went out and bought be a Silhouette Portrait! *does the happy dance* now I just need to learn how to use the darn thing!

So back tot he real reason for this post....I made a layout for that's just so cute wedding/love challenge...yes I used my new toy...I have to practice =D here is what I came up with....

 I had a bit of an issue with placement/adhering ....I wasn't really sure what type of adhesive to use especially on the title it was so thin..LOL

thanks for coming to take a peek......


  1. Beautiful! LOVING the flourish and the title!!!

  2. Beautiful wedding photo! And the title was beautiful too!
    Thx for joining us at That`s just so cute


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