Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Muse Challenge #156

here is my take on the newest Muse challenge.....I really liked the technique Michele used on her card...I've seen it before but never knew it was called Camouflaging Die Cuts so I couldn't even look up how it was done until now as you can see I had to try it out.....I don't own too many dies so I was limited and Michele wanted us to make a thank you card...
I wanted to keep it real simple since it was a new technique for me....I'll admit I was lucky I didn't toss the left over bits of the die cut (you know like in between the t and h)...I hadn't realize I had to add those back in at the end to make it look right ..

Here's this week's Muse: Michele Ferguson
thanks for coming to take a peek!


  1. Buffy you never know when you're going to need those little left-overs!! Your sponging has such a lovely marbled look about it ... thank you so much for trying something new, and sharing it with us at Muse! Gorgeous job...
    =] Michele

  2. I love that you used similar colors in your bottom portion. They blend together so nicely. Fabulous card.

  3. Love your take on Michele's card!


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