Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fuglies challenge over at the Flying Unicorn

A couple months ago the Dt's over at the Flying Unicorn took a backseat to us normal users....we gathered some of the fugliest papers and embellishments from our stash and sent them to our assigned Dt along with a list of rules....yeah we thought it was all fun and games....until this month it was our was pay back time...haha....this is what I had to work with

Here are the rules:
1. Misting, painting, or ink is okay, but the original pp must still be visible. Alter the embellies as you see fit, but remember-- only mist, paint, or ink. Stamping/ masking is okay. No Molding paste or other Yeah, we know you love us.Jmediums allowed

2. You can use cardboard of your choosing, but the #1 rule applies.

3. You can use your own adhesive. I know, I know, we are SO generous!

4. Each and every patterned paper that you were sent must be used in some way on your LO, and each paper must have at least a 4”x4” square (or 2”x8” or 1”x umm 16” lol) that can be seen. In other words, no tiny “can barely see” it stuff allowed. Your pp was folded a little. Embrace it.

5. You may add black, brown, white, or cream cardstock, no other colors allowed.

6. You cannot use flowers from your stash but you can make flowers from the allowed cardstock colors or the enclosed patterned papers.

7. We sent you some embellies. Rule #1 applies here too. You must use at least 4. You may choose to leave one off. Only one. Understand that if this is the choice you make, we will raz you mercilessly.

8. We sent you some fibers, lace, or ribbon. All of it must be on your LO. ‘Nuff said.

9. Go find something from your bathroom and create with it on your LO. Make sure you tell us what it is. (Snicker)

10. Fussy cut at least 2 items on your LO.

11. Now what about a picture, you say? Oh, not to worry, we will send you THREE! You can choose one. Greyscale and sepia altering of the pic is allowed, but remember this perk is a result of the members unwavering admiration and love.

12. Have fun! Leave love for others! This project may not be used for any other challenge on the Flying Unicorn Forums. Make sure you read it all carefully; there are a few “minor” changes from last year to make your experience more pleasurable. You know the rules. You may choose, however, to post it on your blog or your neighbor’s refrigerator, but if you do, we want to see a picture. No Exceptions.

13. Did you think we forgot the Duct Tape? Oh no. We need to see at least 3" of Duct Tape. Rain Gutters are allowed, however the duct tape remains in play.No complaining, we've all been practicing with duct tape!

 Here is what I made.......

I used all five papers, I fussy cut some cherries, flowers and stars. I used duct tape for the doily and the tag…my bathroom item is heck I don’t even know what to call it…its like a zip tie…it was in the catch all basket on the bathroom counter…my daughter brings home all sorts of weird stuff…I used four of the five embellishments, the red polka dot brad, the feather, the UFO and the Faith felt piece (which I altered a bit LOL )……Now the tea cup I am saving hehe I liked it! Oh and I used the ribbon too!  I think that about covers everything…I had a whole lot of fun with this and made a huge mess LOL

thanks for coming to take a peek!


  1. You rocked it!!! I loveeeeeeeeee what you made!!!!

  2. Oh my. This is such a fun challenge and you did a wonderful job with the items and pictures you had! WoW!


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