Friday, April 25, 2014

Late night Art Journaling

I know I don't share my Art Journal all that often but I've had a couple late nights the last couple of weeks and those seem to bring out my play time with my journal seems to calm me.

here I was on a circle kick...I tend to really like them..maybe because I can't cut a circle freehand to save my life!

 this one was inspired by a pin on pinterest, I saw then do this on a hand bag and thought it looked kind of cool so I had to give it a shot!
pinterest inspired

this last one I did the other night when I just couldn't sleep..I don't own many stencils but I try to use anything I can get my hands on LOL don't you just love my handmade journal..its so sad that its one page away from being I'll have to make a new one!
thanks for coming to take a peek....

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