Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty fabric flower tutorial

I thought I would do a tutorial on these really pretty flowers I just made....let me know what you think.

aren't these beautiful.....well I am going to share how I made them....

You will need:

Fabric-I used a satin ( it was really soft) type for the purple flower and wit off white has a satin finish but its a bit rougher...really cheep fabric....scissors ,pushpins,a five petal flower template any size you wish the end flower is about the same size as the template,a candle,Flower stamens or something else you want to use for the center of the flower,Oh and a small round piece of card stock to glue your flower to and a craft knife to cut a hole in the center.

Step 1) cut fabric into squares,use your template as a guide. then stack squares

Step 2) pin template on top of squares,I can do multiple layers depending on how thick the fabric is..(just so you know you need eight cut outs for each flower you could use more but I like how eight looks)

Step 3) cut around your template- it doesn't have to be precise because your going to melt the edges a bit,after you cut  you can unpin and put the paper template away.

Step 4)light your candle..this part is trial and took me a little bit to get the distance just right,I had a couple burned ones but never once burned my hand so its all good. Take one of your cut outs and bring one of the petals close to the flame just enough so it starts to melt a this to each flower cut out

 Step 5) get your hot glue gun ready...simply fold the flower in half,then in half again ( the only reason I have pins in mine is so I could show you the folds) at the very tip of the folds that's where you want to glue...then pinch the tip together. do this for all of them.

Step 6)get your card stock circle (I couldn't find my circle punch so I used the tiny flower punch LOL)you can use anything because your only gluing the corners down. see in the pictures above glue one down at a time alternating sides..four pieces will finish the first layer,the second layer you will do the same just over lap the corner in the middle to bring the second layer closer.

Step 7) use a craft knife to make a hole in the center and add the Flower stamens or just add a pretty pearl or button as a flower center....

Here's the flower we just made! see that wasn't too hard and I truly love they way the flowers look!
If you want to try this and my instructions weren't clear just send me an email or leave me comment and I will try to help.....


  1. Thanks for sharing how you make them!!!!

  2. Awesome Buffy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful flowers, thanks for the tutorial.
    Gr Elly


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