Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Play a little every day! (small rant too)

 I've been thinking.....You know I don't regret much in my life, up until six moths ago I wouldn't have wanted to change anything. the life I have lived wasn't always the easiest but I learn form my mistakes and move on (some people never learn)... I made a good life for us and was finally able to sit back and enjoy my children even if it took me a little longer then I had planned,I was finally able be be a SAHM and go to all the school play,concerts,functions,softball name it and I was there with bells on...see most people would regret not being able to stay home sooner,but that's not what I regret.....I regret not capturing all the little moment....yes I have birthdays and holidays....but not so much the everyday moments,you know the ones that mean the most....I always thought we had all the time in the world....that's exactly what I was thinking last summer... my fiance and I with my youngest were on a  road trip and I forgot my camera....but figured my youngest was only thirteen,I still had at least 5 years of road trips ahead of me before she left and said she was too old for stuff like that! who would of thought a month after that trip everything would change.... I truly regret not taking my camera....for not spending more time....this page is about one of those simple moments....the ones you think back and smile...sometimes ever laugh!

 I kept this page really really simple.....but sometimes simple is just the way to go.

 this is my youngest Stephanie,she was almost two year old at the time,she was playing dress up with her sister Samantha and Samantha's best friend Grace....I remember this day like it was yesterday ...all three of them parading around the house is Sam's old dance costumes.....

I used the sketch from Challenge me Happy

I know I kind of went off on a rant...I guess today is a bad day..... Anyway thank you for coming and looking at my page!


  1. {{{hugs}}} -- I totally hear you ... a lot of people leave me comments about always being so good about scrapping the everyday things that happens in our day to day lives -- I never really thought about it -- I scrap because I want to capture everyday moments ... not just the holidays, celebrations etc ... I really thought that scrapping was just about scrapping everything that happens in your life, not just the 'occasions' .... I am just happy that you do have the photos that you do have to remember those times :) I loveeeeeeeee your lo... so precious :)

  2. A little rant or moan is good for us all sometimes. I know it is for me. I truly know where you're coming from as I would love to be bale to scrap more of my children's every day moments but cameras and photos were so expensive back in the day, 1967....... It was cheaper to buy colour slide films but only at holidays and there were only a few of those so I don't have many to scrap. Yours are so precious. Hugs from the UK! Hope today is a happier day for you!

  3. Beautiful job Buffy! Thanks for the reminder!!! Hugs!!

  4. So lovely!! Clean and simple and lovely! Thanks for playing with our sketch at CMH!!


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