Monday, December 3, 2012

K9 cutie's submission for Scrappin 'n' Happy

I started with two wonderful pictures of Ky and Salem, Salem was Stephanie's first ever puppy and I thought it would make a wonderful addition to her memorial book...I was inspired by the how playful they always were and just how much they really got along!
So I did this layout for a challenge over at Scrappin'n' Happy......they have this really cool challenge going on.....

and you get to combine her challenge with a couple others:
 Combine my challenge with any of the following challenges and receive an entry into the BONUS PRIZE drawing for each completed or combined challenge:
N - Kerys@ Srcappin'n'Happy (use a number in your title or sentiment)
O - Kristi B (use something OVAL on your layout)
E - Rochelle (use at least 5 EYELETS on your layout)
L -  Brenda (include a LIST of 3 or more things OR use LINED paper!)

So here is what I came up with.......

so I used a number in the title K9 cutie's for Kerys requirement.....I used an oval shape for my things to do list (that's really all they ever did lol) that filled the requirements for both Kristi B and you can see there are six eyelets they were kind of big but I love how they came out! I stole them from my Daughters sewing collection,she'll never miss them! Those fill Rochelle's requirement.

I learned how to make these beautiful flowers yesterday and thought they looked good with everything else.

and I learned how to make this little rose too...still working on those lol

So there you have it...let me know what you think....and make sure you stop by:
(Kerys) Srcappin'n'Happy
 Kristi B


  1. Awesome job! I love those flowers! What gorgeous puppy dogs! Great work Buffy!

  2. Nice take on all of the challenges and great job on the flowers! Thank you so much for participating in our NOEL challenges this month! Happy Holidays!

  3. great job on the challenges! Wow, you made those flowers? Great job!!! Thanks for playing along with our challenges!

    1. thanks Rochelle....the flowers were great fun to make!


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