Saturday, December 29, 2012

You make me happy

Good Morning or afternoon Oh it might even be night time I started this yesterday but I just wasn't happy with it just yet so I left it until morning,not that I sleep much but I just put this one aside until I could figure out what I didn't like..turns out it was the flowers I had picked/made they just didn't look right so I switched them to the ones in the layout now and I like them much better...

I used a sketch from ScrapMuch?

and here is what I did with it...

 Of course I used another picture of Wicked the pug,I'm putting all her pages together for a album for my best friend featuring her favorite things except her husband I have no nice pictures of so her garden,kids and furry kids will have to do!
 I love love my bone folding tool I got for Christmas and my embossing tool too I used my paper cutter line to create the lines in the flag banners..hehe love how it just pops out..I know most people who scrapbook know all this stuff already but I'm still learning and don't have all the neat tools and such so I have to make due with what I have and learn what I can from others...which by the way I love all the tutorials out there and youtube has been my favorite!
 here are the flowers I decided to use the paper one I made but the others are altered these little ones were the centers to the one below but I didn't like the look for this page so I turned them into lil flowers and added the gem in the middle.

thanks for taking a Peek....all comments or suggestion are welcome :o)


  1. beautiful, love the embellishing and the banners in the corner!

    1. thank you so much! I really like how everything came out!

  2. Lovely layout!! And that dog is so adorable too!!

    1. thank you...when she first brought her home I tried to steal her,shes such a spoiled dog!

  3. Love love love this!! LOVING that photo and all the flowers!!!

  4. Such a cute layout and photo ... just love the flowers!


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