Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The love of books

Just a quick little layout for Child's Play challenges Blog Hop:

As part of their hop you can get an extra chance if you Create a layout based on any of the DTs inspiration items and post that link for a second entry!!
So after going through all of the blogs the one that hit me the most was  Karen Wray she posted about getting books for Christmas! I have always loved to read....I think I got it from my grandmother she always had a book in hand and as I got older we would swap...even when I became an adult and moved states away she would always mail me a box of books she was done with...Now I do the same with my girls and my best friend even though she lives in Maine and I live in Wisconsin we still swap book when I go visit over the summer...I take the latest ones I've read and swap with the ones shes done with....Some we keep but the others we donate!
Ever Christmas there were always books given as gifts...we still do it today but now its gift cards to their local book store!

Here is what I did with Karen's inspiration......

Most of my books are in my bedroom and since he was sleeping I couldn't sneak in and take a
so I made due with what little I had in the living room.

Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. Wow! such a cool LO - glad my site inspired you - and I did love the rambling comment btw - made me smile and that's alway6s good!

    have a great christmas and I hope there is a book or two under the tree for you this year. x

    1. thank you so much! I am sure there will be at least one!....I do tend to babble a lot LOL

  2. Really cool layout, I really love the library card. Goes wonder will the book theme. Thanks for playing at the CPC Blog Hop!!!!

    1. thank was a spur of the moment kind of layout but one of my favorites!


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