Friday, November 1, 2013

catching up after Vacation

I just realized I never posted before I went away last sad is that....anyway I went on a little trip to New Hampshire and Maine, we had a fabulous time other then the 22 hr car ride! I spent a full week away from home and all my crafty things...I think I went through withdraws LOL

here is the view from my best friends living room window: so happy I didn't miss all the fall colors!

Now onto a couple projects.....the first is a card for that's just so cute  Be inspired bye the word;
I used watercolors to create the background for my card....I love how this turned out and plan on making another one...maybe change the colors a bit!

this one is a wall hanging I made for a challenge in a FB group I belong to....

my first attempt at doing origami butterflies...they look cool up close but the colors blend too much from far away!

and finally the dressform/dress I made for the flying Unicorn challenge

thank you so much for coming to take a peek!


  1. Wow!! You have been busy!! LOVING that wall hanging!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous vacation pictures. Love all your new creations.


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