Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A2Z Sraplets sketch challenge

In my search to figure out how to make embellishments I can across a blog A2Z scraplets they have plenty of new layouts for me to try and also have contests  so I decided I'd like to try it....
Here is the LO they want us to go by...... I seem to have a hard time matching my colors but my oldest says they all look fine,sometimes I'm not so sure.
Here is the Lo I have done for the contest I used my favorite pictures from this summer,she has the most beautiful smile on her face. I also used some of her ribbons to make flags/banners. I try to put something personal of hers in every Lo to me it makes it special.


  1. A beautiful layout Buffy! Thanks for participating in the challenge.

  2. A beautiful take on the challenge. And the colours are fab!!!. I am also happy to be your first follower :)

  3. thank you both,you wouldn't believe many times I changed thing.


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