Monday, November 12, 2012

Where to begin...

Most of the posts that will be on here are about family but a lot will be on my youngest daughter Stephanie,see one night in September 2012 I got a phone call that no mother ever wants to get! I was told she was on her way home from a friends out when she was struck by a truck and now she was in the hospital, I had no way of knowing how bad or exactly what had happened you see we had to move because the plant my fiance worked for closed but the same company offered him a new position at one of their other plant about 2 1/2 years ago and Stephanie decided that she wanted to stay with her father....

anyway we moved and she stayed the distance is great but we always made the best of it,the drive there and back were fun and we took all sorts of odd pictures and such. So the phone rings its a doctor trying to explain whats going on,I'm home alone at first I thought it was a sick joke....I prayed it was a joke! 

Well it wasn't a joke,I called my fiance and he had to recall the doctor because I just couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me. you just don't know what to think,do ,say...I really think I lost my mind in just a few moments...Now I had to explain to her sister Sam.What do you say,how do you explain. I'm sure I did a horrible job but I managed to get her to call out of work for a family emergency....packed.....then right out the door! twenty of the longest hours in the car with two distraught women,my fiance is a saint! We go straight to the hospital...there are so many people...aunts,uncles, just know its not good...How do you say goodbye to your 13yr old daughter,shes not suppose to be there but there is nothing you can do to stop it or fix it! We visit and we get to say goodbye... 

Since then there's a lot of talk about how you grieve,cope...there was talk of counselors! that's how this blog and the scrapbooking came about some thought it was the best way for me since I really don't have family where we live,its just the three of us and I really don't break down in front of Sam...the scrapbooking has been a really nice way to relive all the nice memories and Sam helps it seems to really help her too. We have boxes upon boxes of pictures so we thought there wasn't a better way to remember her than to make a special book just for her! We didn't start in order we just looked thru the pictures and what ever one we liked those were the ones we used. Now mind you I don't have any of those fancy cutting machines...just a computer,printer,paper,glue you know the basics......we'll see where this can get us!

  One of my Stephanie's favorite things was being on the cross country team!


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the reason you started scrapbooking and this blog. It must have been hard to do. I pray that it does help you and your family. xoxox

  2. thank you very much,I think this is the best way to help cope and and feel like she is here with us still!

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. No Mom should ever have to go through such pain! I'm sending you big hugs. I am glad that you found scrapbooking so you could document your memories of her.

    1. thank you Heather...its a mothers worse nightmare...I still feel like its not real!


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