Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something old to make something new

Recycling items to make embellishments, I couldn't believe the things I could make with some bits of lace,newspaper,wire,old beaded necklaces and some plain old note cards!As I posted last night I watched quite a few tutorials and tried one out last night and them this morning I went around grabbing scraps here and there through out the house. I really like the idea of using something old to make something new and the fact that the bits and piece I did grab were some odd ball stuff of Stephanie's.Stephanie and Sam are really the artsy crafty type both could draw,Sam can sew,she makes all sorts of costumes for conventions she goes too. But Stephanie could make jewelry,cards all sorts of things. So I have these little baggies filled with odds and ends that she had for left over projects...
Just one of the baggies I've come across.

So as I was saying between Sam and her material left overs and Steff' odds and ends I tried out a couple more tutorials and just some stuff on my own.

First I tried the newspaper flowers, thought this was a great idea. I have to admit its a bit time consuming cutting out each layer some only had five others had about twelve,my had was killing me. I really need to find a two or three inch scallop flower punch! even though it was more time consuming I noticed the more layer the better the flower,at least with the newspaper now the ones I made last night with card stock I liked the way the five layers instead of the eight. haha I convinced Sam to cut them out last night since she wanted to make a couple for a friend of hers,so that worked in my favor!
After the flowers I moved on to the ribbon /lace butterflies, this one I had to stitch a little...I only had a little bit of pink ribbon at hand  but at least I get an idea of what they will look like. I also tried a couple ribbon flowers those I also had to stitch a little but just enough to gather the ribbon,I think I pulled it just a bit too tight but I still liked how they came out!

I moved on to beads and wire next, the little bead flowers and the wire shapes with he beads I love! they are so simple but really cute! The last thing is a little tag I made out of some old note cards I found in the desk drawer.I just cut it into the shape I wanted added a stamp and a wire hanger with little star beads on it. I think I like this one better then the tags my daughter bought for me,just don't tell her that!

Just about everything I used today came from that baggie but all came from stuff I had just laying around the house,I never realized how easy and fun it would be to make my own embellishments!

all the things I made today


  1. Stunning flowers!!!! So Many people now sell handmade embellishments to time poor scrappers. But as you said a bit of time (sore hands) and you need up with beautiful flowers. And save money. Well done :)

  2. I have plenty of time on my hands and we are learning new things daily....I say we because I think Sam caught the embellishment saves my hands!


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