Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learn as you go...

Embellishments they sometimes a layout just needs a little something extra ,so I was looking around on the internet to get ideas and since I 'm new and don't really have all the fancy machines I have to do everything by hand you know cut and paste,So I looked up a couple tutorials on how to make you own flowers and such! After watching a few video's I got brave and decided to try my hand at them. Not as hard as I thought they would be but I think I will look around for a couple different flower punches,to cut them by hand takes forever. Here are a couple paper flowers that my daughter Sam and I tried out along with some no sew lace one which I loved because I have some strips that I really what to use on Stephanie's scrapbook and I didn't have to sew anything!We experimented with size and colors to figure out what we liked best. If anyone know of some good tutorials please let me know! thanks

the rainbow flower was Sam's idea!

just a different view

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