Saturday, January 5, 2013

1st Birthday~CSI# 53

Time for another Case file over at CSI....

I thought the color were fitting for Stephanie's first Birthday so this photo goes way back to 1999...and I swear as soon as I pulled the picture out that song It's my party...I'll cry if I want to....just kept playing in my she really didn't like the party hat at all!

So I used all five colors...which was really hard and the first time I pulled papers I had to put them back,My daughter Sam said no way were they even close LOL Basically I turned it into a tea party,I certainly had enough of those when the girls were little!

Evidence: flowers,pleating,cupcake,teacup accent
Testimony:I went to the dreaming on paper site and hit the little button and it gave me 10 things you never get tired of doing,well I changed it a pit to fit my page so I did 10 thing I never got tired of doing with you. Plus there is a journaling tag under the flowers but that's just for me Oh and I added scallops to the tag.

I really love these flowers......
Here is the case file.....

 Just a different view

and the pleating...I folded it so neatly at first you couldn't even tell it was there LOL

thanks for taking a peek.....

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  1. This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeee the colors, the flowers and loving that photo and the teacups!!!


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