Thursday, January 17, 2013

Practice makes perfect....or not!

well I have tried to make my own paper flowers and I just haven't gotten to where I really like them LOL so I watched youtube again and decided to try some different types of fabric flowers and I just wanted to share and see what you all mind you I just used some scrap fabric that was around( but I really like the light pink colors LOL)

I made these yesterday.......Oh the yellow is paper I don't like it at all ....that's kind of what spurred me to make some fabric ones!

Just a closer view.....

 this one is really soft and fluffy like the pink ones ubove
 side view

Ok so tell me what you think.....if its bad I can take it LOL I do like these better then my try at the paper ones!

thanks for taking a peek....


  1. these are great - i especially love the deep brown with the netting!

    1. yeah that's kind of my fav too...thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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