Saturday, January 26, 2013

Head in the clouds

I really loved the colors for this weeks CSI challenge......I used a picture from way back 2009 a beautiful winter day in Maine!here is how I solved the case

Evidence: Clouds,umbrella accents,string,wet medium (gesso),doodle dash lines

Testimony: Write your journaling on a tag that has string,on the right next to the butterfly.....says: Maine winter 2009,I may not live here anymore but it will always be my home.

Head in the clouds looking for the silver are the clues to solve the case......

head on over to CSI and try it your self!

 I really loved the coordinates for this case...the clouds and the dog in the plane!
thanks for taking a peek.....


  1. Gorgeous!! LOVING all the clouds and the paint!!!

  2. I would like to thank you SO much for the comment you left on my blog. It was something I really needed to hear right now. I love what you've done with the CSI challenge. I've been looking at those challenges trying to decide if I can do them or not. You've done an excellent job!

  3. Great layout, love the clouds and rain, looks fab!!!!!

  4. love your layout, awesome clouds :)

  5. This is so much fun~ your clouds are ADORABLE!!


  6. thank you ladies so much, this was a really fun lo to do and I really appreciate all the lovely comments!


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