Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here Comes Trouble

This is one of my most favorite was taken on Stephanie's 13th birthday she had spent the day with all of her friends at her Birthday party...My best friend Ginny happened to catch this picture with Steph and her three boys!
I used this picture for the new case at CSI....Case #55-sorry if the pictures are a little blurry...

part of this case was to scraplift from someone in the first case file... I lifted from Tina Walker....

EVIDENCE:flowers,leaves,diamond shapes,stitching or faux stitching,circles(the sticker letters)

 I actually stamped down the right side after it was painted,you can't really see it in the pictures but it says friends....
 I did faux stitching around the diamond shapes
TESTIMONY:Write 6 interesting things about your topic, I actually wrote 6 things I loved about this picture...its behind the other journaling.


  1. Love the colors you chose for your layout and all the details you added to your design. Gorgeous work!


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