Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Father and son

these next couple of posts are layouts for my best friends album....she has three amazing boys....three dogs which if you follow my blog you've seen two of them...I'm sure more will follow....and the most amazing Husband anyone can ask for...and he is the best dad I've ever seen!(even though he really didn't have to be) he does everything with these kids....haha and she s a cradle robber...don't tell her I said that LOL he must have asked her a hundred times to marry him but she always said NO for some reason or another then finally he asked and she said if we can get married on Halloween (and other stipulation) then I'll marry you....I laughed so hard cause she really thought she had him....But lets just say He
Anyway I did this lo using a sketch from Boys rule actually the next three posts are all for their sketches LOL

 Father and son project..hehe I don't think this canoe will ever float again!
Great sketch....

thanks for taking a peek......two more posts to go.....

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