Sunday, January 13, 2013

Road trip!

So its that time again at CSI case #54 Oh and now they have a sketch too!

We take this trip every summer from Wisconsin to Maine.......I have to tell you I am not the best in the car its not that I don't trust his driving its I don't trust the other people LOL but its necessary to see all our family and friends....I took these wonderful pictures of the sun rising, Not sure which state we were in at the time. I tired to get him to pull over but we were on the highway and it was kind of busy...being stuck in the car with me for 24 hrs isn't

Evidence: Punch circles,tickets,polka dots, text pattern,music pattern

Testimony: Hand written journaling, also used a title of a song as inspiration On the road (country song)

see the cute little tea cups...I thought they were cute anyway!


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