Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yum Coffee

Morning/afternoon to you all, this is a NON scrappy post lol
I'm not sure about any of you but I can't really even function without my coffee...I swear I drink it morning noon and night,I don't have many bad things I'm addicted too but my coffee is one of them. (any soda or teas I drink are caffeine free)
We used to go through at least two coffee makers a year if not more....My girl friend used to laugh at me because I can't drink old coffee , you know what I'm talking make a full pot but by the time your on your third cup it just tastes off so I would dump it and make a new one LOL yes I know what a waste. Well this past year my wonder fiance went out and bought me the best present ever (yeah I know I'm easy) a brand new Keurig!
I am so in love with this machine its not even funny! so we've had this for a year...the longest I've ever had a coffee maker, I don't normally buy the little cups because I just drink way too many we ended up buying a special filter and filling it with the normal coffee. But every so often I see something I really want to try and grab a box and if I don't drink it I know my daughter Sam will...Speaking Of Sam she is the reason for this post...she brought home this really awesome cafe escapes last night and made the mistake of saying I could try it..haha its Mocha duh of course I want some!
Let me just say this is the yummiest thing ever! and I am on my second cup..thank heavens shes not home LOL
Anyway I just wanted to share my most favorite gift I got in 2012 like I said I'm pretty easy even this year they both went out and bout me some really cute scrappy thing...oh no I did turn this into a scrappy post...well now that I said I will share some of what they got me...

 Love these buttons Sam saw them at work and just had to get them along with the flower in the picture the gems he bought me a pound of
he also bought me the liquid pearls which I really like using...Sam was big on stickers,but I'm not really sure what to do with those...I'm sure I'll figure something out!...

Well thanks for taking a peek...let me know what your favorite gift was that you got last year it doesn't have to be a Christmas gift just anything that you really liked!


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