Wednesday, March 13, 2013

cutest little thing!

So its Wednesday and I am so bored out of my mind....I decided to surf through all the blogs I belong too and try to find something I wanted to try and know searching for inspiration or just something different....Guess what I found.....the cutest little gift bag! :D I was over at Heartstring Designs and I saw the post from Midge about the gift bag she made....and I thought why not give it a try...
they are also having a challenge over there......

  So...for this challenge, you need to make/decorate a gift sack.  (I used the adorable little gift giver from the kit, but you do Not have to.)  The gift sack must have, 1) a chevron pattern anywhere on it, 2) color spray or mist--easy peasy!!!

I even had a chance to use the little delight tag I got from them :D

thanks for coming to take a peek!


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!! LOVING the colors and loving the flower!!

  2. Whoop Whoop love this and guess what????? you are our winner winner chicken dinner!!! Congrats to you!!! email me madge at heartstringdesigns dot com and we will get your prize out ASAP:) whoop whoop!! loves Madge-owner Heartstring Designs


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