Friday, March 29, 2013

Forgotten photo with great memories

I was so excited I found this great picture of My Great Grandmother(little grandma we called her) and Papa and my Grandma Honey (which of course we called her big grandma) with my oldest Sam....this was taken at Sam's Christening  In February 1993....geez that seems like a life time ago....I didn't think I had any pictures of my Great grandmother or papa and I was so thrilled! So I had the picture now I just had to figure out what to do with it LOL of course that's where sketches always come in handy.....I got my sketch from Get creative it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.....I worked on this a lot yesterday and just kept thinking it was missing something....Then I saw the post for Scrap your Story  and thought this was perfect!

Here what I came up with....

I had just about everything placed but like I said something was missing....that was the bits of cork....I just happen to have an old cork board that was falling apart and I was just gonna throw the remnants away...haha I think they look awesome here

 just bits of cork and of course I have become obsessed with burlap and the bits of stings......
 Just some fussy bits and I plan on writing some more journaling on that bit of lined paper under the flower....there is already some on the tag
I was kind of proud of my little flower.....the button was some left over bits my Daughter had from one of her costumes she made( I've been trying to steal them from her for weeks) but once I got my grubby hands on it I wasn't sure what to do with it ....the flower was the perfect solution! Now she wants me to make her one LOL

Thank you so much for coming to take a all of those who celebrate Easter....Happy Easter....for those who don't have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Gorgeous!! I am loving the layers!!!

  2. Great job using the cork!! You're right... It does look AMAZING under the photo!!! Awesome lo :-)
    Thanks sooo much for playing along at SYS!!!

  3. Buffy great job with the challenge and you used burlap and cork. Two fabulous materials that complement one another perfectly. Love the design and so nice that you got to use this very special photo... Wonderful work and thanks for playing along and SYS.

  4. Love your use of the burlap and cork~I am a huge texture fan and your layout is FAB! Thanks for hopping along with us over at the Scraps of Darkness blog hop, and good luck on snagging that gorgeous kit!

  5. Wow Buffy now that's knocking it out of the ball park!! His layout is gorgeous. I know what you mean about finding those special photos. I really like the cork element. Good thinking. The flower...could you post how you made that please. Happy Easter!

  6. Lovely layout, great use of embellishments ... thank you so much for joining us at Get creative!

  7. what a great idea to actually use an old piece of cork board! thanks for playing at SYS!

  8. Love the repurposed cork! It's perfect for these photos. All your burlap and string obsession lately, it's making me want to shop and buy some for my own layouts. Gorgeousness right here, I'm so glad that you played along this week at Scrap Your Story.

  9. This is wonderful. I love all the natural elements here! Thanks for playing with Scrap Your Story!

  10. Great use of layering with all those elements. LOVE IT! :)Thanks for playing along at Scrap Your Story :) :) :)


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