Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quite the adventure

I absolutely love this picture...its one of the first time that Stephanie ever went on a real amusement ride even if it was just the log flume was too small for a traditional layout but so perfect for Laurie's Birthday sketch contest....since the sketch used tags....

By the Way Happy Birthday Laurie!

Here is what I came up with.....for Laurie's blog click here

Love the bright colors....since its snowing ,I really wanted something spring

thanks for coming to take a peek!
(edit because I forgot to add Laurie's link to her contest...sorry)


  1. Fantastic job Buffy! Love, love this!

  2. Just beautiful!! LOVING the colors and butterflies!!!

  3. wow!!! you did an amazing job with this! I LOVE the colors and the butterflies, such a pretty page. Thanks for playing along and THANK YOU for the birthday wishes :) !!

  4. Cute tags with fun elements.


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