Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Sunshine Blogger Award

This morning I am excited to tell you ....I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award this morning by Leslie from The Memory Nest  she's such a sweetheart! What an honor it is to have my little blog recognized by a wonderful blogger.

This is a blogger-to-blogger award for the blogs that inspire and bring sunshine into people’s lives.  The Sunshine Award is a lovely orange flower that bloggers give to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

When you receive an award nomination, you are supposed to follow these rules:

1. Share interesting facts about yourself or answer questions from the nominating blogger.

2. Pay it forward: Nominate blogs that you love and think deserve some recognition for all their hard work!

Questions (Nominees can use these)

1. What’s your favorite meal of the day — breakfast, lunch or dinner? -Oh I like to have breakfast for dinner like omelets or pancakes,normally by the time I have time for actual breakfast its lunch time lol

2. What’s your favorite fruit?-Bananas

3. When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up? -Oh this is easy I wanted to be the librarian,she was so lucky because I thought she had all those books!

4. What quality do you find most attractive in others?-Humor its a must have!

5. What’s your favorite sport?- I can't even think of one I like...I will say I have a wonderful husband that doesn't really like sports either lol

6. Gold or silver?- I used to say silver but now its white gold.

7. What’s your favorite candy?- Hershey chocolate bars

8. What’s your favorite online shopping website?-depends on what I am shopping for...mostly Amazon or Ebay

9. What’s your pet peeve?-at the moment the biggest one is when someone (my daughter) takes things off my craft table and doesn't return them! I really don't mind if she uses it but just put the darn thing back so I don't think I'm crazy...because I know I left it right there LOL

10. Winter, spring, summer or fall?-when I lived in Maine it was the Fall because of all the wonderful colors but here in Wisconsin I would have to say spring,I love to see all the beautiful birds!

11. How many pairs of shoes do you have? - three a pair of sneakers,a pair of hiking boots and a pair of flats just in case I ever go out lol

Here are the blogs that I’d like to nominate for the Sunshine award.  I enjoy visiting each of these blogs. They bring a smile to my face and brighten my day with their creations when I visit their blogs. 
Sunshine Award Nominees!

Debbie P- Telling our story  because shes such a sweetheart and so creative, it shows on her blog!

Julie - Life with the Tuckers her blog always manages to bring a smile to my face!

Kelly - All the pretty things shes a true inspiration, I love her creation and the way she explains thing so even I can follow along lol

Thank you Leslie and other followers you have made my day!


  1. Awww, you're so sweet to include me! Your answers to the questions made me smile! Kudos to Leslie for her fabulous pick!


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