Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Play a little every day! (small rant too)

 I've been thinking.....You know I don't regret much in my life, up until six moths ago I wouldn't have wanted to change anything. the life I have lived wasn't always the easiest but I learn form my mistakes and move on (some people never learn)... I made a good life for us and was finally able to sit back and enjoy my children even if it took me a little longer then I had planned,I was finally able be be a SAHM and go to all the school play,concerts,functions,softball name it and I was there with bells on...see most people would regret not being able to stay home sooner,but that's not what I regret.....I regret not capturing all the little moment....yes I have birthdays and holidays....but not so much the everyday moments,you know the ones that mean the most....I always thought we had all the time in the world....that's exactly what I was thinking last summer... my fiance and I with my youngest were on a  road trip and I forgot my camera....but figured my youngest was only thirteen,I still had at least 5 years of road trips ahead of me before she left and said she was too old for stuff like that! who would of thought a month after that trip everything would change.... I truly regret not taking my camera....for not spending more time....this page is about one of those simple moments....the ones you think back and smile...sometimes ever laugh!

 I kept this page really really simple.....but sometimes simple is just the way to go.

 this is my youngest Stephanie,she was almost two year old at the time,she was playing dress up with her sister Samantha and Samantha's best friend Grace....I remember this day like it was yesterday ...all three of them parading around the house is Sam's old dance costumes.....

I used the sketch from Challenge me Happy

I know I kind of went off on a rant...I guess today is a bad day..... Anyway thank you for coming and looking at my page!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Oops I Blinked

I've been working off of a sketch from Scrapping Everyday Miracles ( did the twist of washi tape)for about a week now...I just couldn't get a flow going LOL I must have pulled out dozens of papers but none of them felt right...I just couldn't get it right so I kept putting it aside and doing something else....well this morning all the pieces just fell...I trashed  the whole thing the night before and put all my supplies away thinking a fresh start would help...

This morning I was looking for some sort of inspiration and found Color Me Scrappy and I just loved the colors...the only one I had was the orangish color but I figured it would work...haha and I got to use my brand new washi tape and feather I just won,even though I was so tempted just to hold on to them LOL
It just so happened that this also falls into the same category as the latest challenge at Lets Get Sketchy

 here is the Sketch from Scrapping Everyday Miracles
scrap twist use washi tape
 here is the color palette from Color me Scrappy
use 2 of the same photos and butterflies

 my subject is cutie the kitty we got him when my oldest was just three years old, he past away a couple years ago but we loved him dearly!

 thank you for coming to take a peek......

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flower pot Card/Tag

I just wanted to share a little something I started last night and finished this morning....Yesterday I was doing a blog Hop for Flying Unicorn...and joined their forum ( it was part of the hop) so I thought I would look around (they have a ton of challenges) and found this really cute tutorial I thought I would give it a shot...since I don't have anyone to really give a mothers day card too I thought I would just make a general card for my daughter (which btw she loves and now wants me to make one for her friend) is what I came up with...

I just thought it was so can adjust the size too it all depends on the size of the tag you use!

thanks for taking a peek!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reach for the stars

Over at Scrap Your Story the challenge this time is about Journaling "Make sure you include at least two sentences of journaling on your layout." I love to journal but don't really like to show it on the layout so most times you just never see it but its always on this layout I made a huge tag and typed up my journaling.

as you can see there are more then two sentences :)

I love these see thru butterflies!

thank you for taking a peek!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet Little Angel

I finally found the inspiration to tackle the C'est Magnifique April Sketch....I used the old Polaroids I found earlier in the week, like I said I found a stack of them...these ones are of Samantha in 1998....she was such a cutie...

Here is what I came up with...

here is the sketch...

 yeah I kind of have a thing for the little tassels LOL

thank you for coming to take a look!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Theres always a reason to Celebrate

So.....this one was way hard for me....I've never done a double page before they kind of intimidate me just a bit and this sketch challenge for a double layout from swat (scrap warriors advanced training)  me totally had me freaked...LOL my daughter thought it was so funny... anyway I started by finding a bunch of pictures...I think this is the most I've ever used on one project...I decided on one of Samantha's Birthday parties...haha totally got her there she hates when I scrap her younger pictures..hehe

Here is what I came up with...

Here is the sketch....

 I love the trim on the yellow paper...too bad you can't see it sparkle in the picture :(
 I dug thru my stash and found all these little embellishment stickers...I thought they were cute and seemed to fit so nice with the layout.
 I replaced the big circle from the sketch with the big cake....

I am also linking up with The memory Nest

The Memory Nest

thank you so much for coming to take a peek......

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Beautiful Big Sister

Its that time again.....another wonderful sketch at Lets Get Sketchy! So I dug out a couple picture of Samantha and Stephanie,Sam was always the best big sister...with them being six years apart it was hard in the beginning but as they got older they were like best friends...Sam never treated Stephanie like she was the bratty lil sister,she always included her...even Sam's friends accepted her...they were beautiful to watch!

 this has to be one of my favorite pictures of the two of  them!
thanks for coming to take a peek!

Lovin life,living the dream

So I was digging through my bin of pictures and stumbled upon a small box of  Polaroids...haha real ones..  we used that a lot when my oldest was born so I have a small stack of them...the one I'm using today happens to be my favorite,Samantha was such a loving baby always wanted hugs....or was just happy to sit and snuggle! Oh my goodness I so miss her being small 20 years just flew by! okay now that I feel really old lets get to the layout....I used the sketch from Scrap Our Stash (I turned it and only used one picture ..I even used more then 6 buttons)....I also used the colors from Chic Tags Sunday challenge ( I tried really hard to stick to the colors LOL easier said then done!)

I love the tiny buttons in the flower centers...they are just so cute,I didn't even realize I had them til I started digging in my stash..I guess its gotten a little
chic tags inspired colors

scrap our stash sketch

thanks for coming to take a peek!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

You Brighten Up My Day

So last night the new challenge blog About A Girl posted its very first challenge....Its a wonderful sketch by
Brenshevia...I thought I would give it a shot because I mainly scrap about my two girls so this new challenge blog is a perfect fit!
I decided to use a wonderful picture of my oldest Daughter Samantha from way back in 1999 yeah I know that was a while ago LOL this is when she was still the sweet girl who would still wear dresses and thought pink was pretty and still had hair down to her Butt (you can't tell in the picture because braided) but she had the most beautiful hair....until she turned into a teenager then wanted it all cut off the wonderful thing is she donated it when she had it cut,she left the house with it just below her knees and came home with a bob cut I so wanted to cry!...she still keeps it cut short to this day! :( I am also linking up with A2z Scraplets for their April challenge and also over at paper issues they are celebrate all things Serendipity!
Chance, Fate, Luck, Destiny, Karma, Coincidence....and I guess I am very lucky to have this beautiful girl as my daughter!

Here is the sketch

 Its rather disappointing the banner pennants I mean...because they have been in my stash for a while now and I thought they would look cute on this layout,I had thought they read LAUGH but what it actually read was not what I wanted LOL so I used a small flower punch and a hole punch and just kind of covered up the lettering.Oh and I am so absent minded lately...I am also linking up with lasting memories for their inspired by a quote challenge!
 I love this thickers border!
thank you for coming to take a peek.....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Her very "First Kiss"

Over at Once Upon A Sketch they have a really lovely sketch with a Theme best day of your life....I picked one of the best and that was the day my first daughter was born...I even had a picture of me giving her her very first kiss....there is journaling....its hidden under the picture ..." One of the best days of my life was the day you were were so very tiny and we were in awe with just how much hair you had....I had the honor of giving you your very first kiss!" there is more but you get the gist...

Here is the sketch....

Thank you for coming to take a peek....

Happy Happy Birthday

My best friends Birthday is coming up and I thought I would attempt to make her a nice birthday card....I couldn't use girly papers because shes not all that girly LOL....So this is what I came up with...I used the sketch from Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge 
I am also linking up with CAS-ual Fridays

Here is the sketch from Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

Thank you for taking the time to check out my latest project!

thank you card

This Month at Scrapping Everyday Miracles they are trying something new......

This month we're excited to be trying something new! We have TWO LAYOUT SKETCH and one CARD SKETCH. Both sketches are from PageMaps. You may choose to do one or both sketches---you will get 1 entry in the PRIZE drawing for each sketch you complete!

The SCRAP TWIST that needs to be included on your project is to use a bit of  Washi Tape!
So I thought I would give the card a try...

I must be the only one who has only two rolls of washi tape LOL...this pink one and a a light blue triangles one.....I so need to get my hands on some nicer ones!

here is the sketch

Thank you so much for coming to check out my project!

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