Saturday, February 2, 2013


Good Afternoon.......I wanted to share a page with you that I made using the CSI criteria, this one was really hard for me....not so much the page but the picture I decided to use, I went through a bunch of pages I've already done and noticed that I haven't scrapped many with both girls in them even though I have tons of pictures. At first I was sure if it was a conscious thing or not but I find it harder to look at the pictures with both of them ( I know that doesn't make much sense) anyway last night I pulled out the box of pictures and me and Samantha went through them....we laughed and cried a bit but all in all it was a good thing...then we came across this beauty....they are both very young ( I can't give an exact age but I remember what they were doing LOL) Sam had just gotten an easy bake oven and they were both making cakes and cookies for us....its so funny even though there was 6 years difference they were both friends and did just about everything together....even when they got older they were both still into the same things......I sometimes forget that I wasn't the only one who lost someone...Sam also lost her sister and best friend! We talked a lot last night which is a good we thought this was a the perfect. We found this picture pretty funny since Sam is now 20 and can't cook to save her life!

CSI Case # 57

Samantha in blue and Stephanie in green Jammies

hearts,flowers,solid background,bunches (little hearts),large heart as major design element,weave or intertwine something(weaved the hearts on the lower right)

Add hearts to your journaling spot( added hearts to my journal tag)used the word soar and love

Samantha and Stephanie playing with the easy bake oven...It  makes my heart soar to see them together,they always got along even with six years separating always saw how much they love each other!

 I found this heart shape awhile back online(wish I could remember where) I printed it out then cut it out and added the pretty stripped pattern paper to the back it turned out really cute!on the left side is the hidden Journaling tag
 my weaved hearts
under the velum are a couple heart punch outs

thanks for coming to take a really means a lot!


  1. What a beautiful picture of your daughters Buffy and what a lovely memory to have. Love the huge heart with the flowers. Sarah x


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