Monday, February 11, 2013

Beautiful Views of Seattle

So I have even more pictures from my pen-pal...this time they are of Seattle and the beautiful skyline....I love these pictures! I couldn't wait to scrap them....I used a sketch from Sketchabilities its a wonderful sketch but for some reason I had a really hard time with it....not sure if it was the papers I picked or just the mood I was in.. I started the layout yesterday but I just wasn't happy with it.....So I played around......then I decided to just sleep on it LOL Nothing like dreaming of demon paper!
So this morning with fresh eyes I still had no idea what was wrong....just that I didn't like it LOL

I was still having no luck.....I pulled out the gesso ( I really need to invest in some stencils) I just used some scrap mess I had around it has a better effect with ink but I thought I would try.....I like some of it but it mostly looks like is the sketch......

see its a beautiful sketch.....I just couldn't wrap my head around this one for some reason!

 the flowers are all made by me....I took some of my daughters teenie tiny beads for the centers....LOVE the flowers!
 see the close up doesn't look so bad...Love the little hearts at the top above the pictures...they are all soft and fuzzy..
just another view of the flowers......

thanks for coming to take a peek....


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!! I love love love love the photos, the paint and those flowers!!

    1. hehe I really love your always make me smile!

  2. Beautiful photos and flower cluster! Fabulous page!

    1. thank you Michelle...I'm still on the fence about this one but its better then when I first started! :o)

  3. I think it's great Buffy! Your stretching your creative chops! It's fun to do something a little different sometimes! Love the flower cluster!

  4. Great layout! thanks for joining in at Sketchabilities cheers!


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